Financing a Small Business – What Are the Financial Responsibilities Involved in Running a Business?

Almost every potential business owner is faced with the trouble of seeking for ways in which finance can be acquired to run the business. However, it should be noted that such troubles are not only identified with potential entrepreneurs. Research has shown that even experienced business owners also faced such difficulties. Keep in mind that in seeking solutions to such difficulties, there will be accuracies as well as inaccuracies and these will all determine the success or failure of the business. The above is an indication that starting a business and running the business should not be an end in itself. You must seek for means through which the business will be able to stand the test of survival often posed by its competitors. The following lines are aimed at identifying ways through which a business can be financed, be it incorporated or unincorporated:

Unincorporated Business

This type of business will refer to those that have unlimited liabilities. In most cases, such businesses have not been properly documented and the status of legal personality is absent. There is no distinction between what the business owns from those of its owners. Keep in mind that in the event of any problem, the owners are personally liable for the debts of the company.

Any source of finance on this type of business organization will weigh on the owner. Keep in mind that there is no legal personality in the business and this will deter any lending institutions from providing capital to the business. What is normally open to owners of such businesses is finance through the use of credit cards or some other forms of personal savings. But the problem with using credit cards is great. Remember that you may sometimes make use of these cards out of intuition. It is simple to ‘charge it’.

For this reason, there are lots and lots of lending institutions which will be afraid or unwilling to lend to unincorporated associations. They will not want to place their finances in ventures in which they are uncertain about their future. A good number of such businesses have been known to disregard certain essentials in running the business or even in repaying back their loans.

Incorporated Businesses

These are businesses that have fulfilled all the essentials of setting up a business and that have adequate cover in the event of any crises. Such types of businesses will include limited liability companies or partnerships. In most cases, the records of these businesses are open for appraisal and the administration of such businesses will conform to the required business standards.

It is very easy for these types of businesses to receive the required finances. Keep in mind that lending institutions are more confident of their ability and willingness to pay back. Financing with such businesses will be easily obtained at any phase of the business. Remember that there are lots of individuals as well as groups who will be willing to come in with finance that the business needs. This is however possible only when the appropriate individuals or groups have been identified. This type of situation is known as angel financing. Remember that when a business is properly administered and it has a sound reputation, it will attract more investors. Investors will also find it appropriate to be part and parcel of the current affairs of the business.

Besides the above type of financing, there are also many financiers who are willing and able to invest in high risk ventures, but with an expectation of equally taking home more profits. The business can also make open its shares for acquisition by the general public. In some cases, banks and other finance institutions will be willing to finance these businesses if they see a convincing business plan. However, if you are in search of any means to finance your business, it is necessary to carry out proper research ahead of resorting to any source of finance.

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